Tomato Project Update & Biosecurity

Date: 01-Mar-2018


By Key DAF Stakeholder’s & local agronomist Chris Monsour

Area wide management of tomato yellow leaf curl (TYLCV) and other viruses in Bowen

DAF conference room Warwick Rd Delta

Date 1 March 2018 at 4:30 pm

Light Refreshments will be served

Agenda includes:

  1. TYLCV management strategies – comparative effectiveness and commercial implications
  2. Virus distribution, incidence and interaction of weather on vector and disease levels
  3. Vector management and tomato varieties resistance to disease
  4. Update on cucumber green mottle mosaic virus in cucurbits and cowpea mild mottle virus in beans  
  5. Overview of the new project ‘AWM of vegetable diseases: viruses and bacteria’

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