Industry Development

The objective of this project is to deliver regional capacity building services across the North and Far North Queensland vegetable growing region.

Bowen Gumlu Growers association IDO provides a wide range of support to growers across the region via dissemination of information and training. This includes presentation of information and facilitation of training and development skills for R&D uptake. Capacity buildings activities are facilitated to increase capability of individual vegetable growing businesses ensuring sustainability.

Under the National Vegetable Extension Network, the North Queensland Vegetable IDO role's responsibilities are to:

  • Provide Regional capacity building services to broker R&D information and increase knowledge of vegetable R&D, innovation & technology.
  • Disseminate and increase the reach of information produced by individual vegetable R&D projects.
  • Facilitate the adoption of vegetable R&D, innovation and technology through a suite of extension strategies appropriate to the target region; mentoring, group facilitation, technology transfer events such as workshops.
  • Develop and facilitate regional industry networks to ensure consistency of messages to industry and enhance knowledge and application of the vegetable R&D program outcomes.
  • Facilitate co-innovation with stakeholders from across the value chain.
  • Direct industry to experts on technical issues (e.g. pest management and crop protectants). 

Industry Development Officer Initiatives and Project

Horticulture Code of Conduct

The new Horticulture Code of Conduct applied from 1 April 2017. There is a 12 month transition phase for parties with existing agreements. The new code:
  • requires growers and traders to have a contract called a Horticulture Produce Agreement (HPA) and applies to all HPAs 
  • obliges all parties to deal in good faith 
  • obliges merchants to explain how price will be calculated 
  • includes penalties for breaching certain sections of the Code 
  • requires you, agents and merchants to keep certain records.


  • Horticulture Code of Conduct - Presented by Growcom 
  • Fertilizer management and fertigation equipment / irrigation monitoring and automation -Presented by Growcom 
  • Melon Growers Meeting Recovery Matters for Bowen & Gumlu Growers, Rebuilding & Recovery from Cyclone Debbie with Specialist Rob Gordon
  • Biosecurity Update from the Frontline - Proactive initiative to manage incursions.