30th November

Agricultural Technology On Show At Emerald Exhibition

The inaugural AgTeCH17 event attracted more than 250 delegates and 20 exhibitors.  It focused on new technologies  in precision agriculture  for vegetable production, grains and fibre industries and livestock production.

Two expert panels of speakers fielded questions from delegates on robotics, Big Data, irrigation automation and crop monitoring.  The event also featured field-demonstrations by SwarmFarm robots, Komatsu’s automated excavator, Precision Hawk’s unmanned aerial vehicle for crop analytics and John Deere’s remote machine access for data sharing and monitoring.

DAF Horticulturist Sarah Limpus attended the event to share her journey of precision agriculture experience in the vegetable industry and to gather information on new technologies that could benefit the vegetable industry.

“There were several technologies that could work particularly well in intensive horticultural production, including small automated robots for repetitive tasks like weed control and pest spraying, using farm-generated data as a marketing tool to promote ‘clean and green’ environmental practices and provenance, and automating data analysis to increase the timeliness of decision making in high-value, short-season crops.”

Key take home messages from the event were:

  • Connectivity across regional Australia is still an issue and can hinder timely data collection and analysis
  • Technology in agronomic management of crops may not reduce labour costs, but is leading towards a more specialised workforce
  • Most off-the-shelf technologies will still require some optimisation and there will be an ongoing need for support on-farm for the best performance. 
  • Farms need to focus on collecting excellent quality data and analysing it effectively in order to make informed decisions.

The AgTeCH17: Build it, Use it, Profit exhibition aims to become an annual event current and cutting edge technologies in agriculture.

AgTeCH is an initiative of the Central Highlands Development Corporation in partnership with the Queensland Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. For more information

21st September 

Promoting Recovery and Well-Being Following Tropical Cyclone Debbie By David Younger

Clinical & Consultant Psychologist Severe weather events are an ever present component of Australia's landscape and culture. It is important to understand the potential effects of these weather events, both positive and negative, on people and the communities in which they live.

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Promoting Recovery By David Younger Promoting Recovery By David Younger (122 KB)