Whitsunday (Bowen, Gumlu, Proserpine, Airlie Beach, Collinsville) Horticulture Industry

The Bowen and Gumlu Region has a well established and strong horticulture industry.

It is estimated that the region contributes more than $450 million to the $9 billion Australian horticulture sector, which is the fastest growing sector in the agriculture industry.

Quick Industry Statistics (Bowen & Gumlu)

  • Industry worth over $450 million a year
  • Largest winter growing region in Australia
  • Employ around 3200 skilled and unskilled workers a year
  • Horticulture is the largest economic driver in this region
  • Vegetable Production is from April/May through to November
  • Mango production November and December

Major commodities grown in the Bowen Dry Tropics Region

  • Tomatoes $160M (in Sept/Oct Bowen produces 90% of Australia’s fresh tomatoes)
  • Capsicums $104M (in Sept/Oct Bowen produces 95% of Australia’s fresh capsicums)
  • Beans $68M
  • Corn $24M
  • Pumpkins $8.8M
  • Melons $17M
  • Zucchini & Squash $4
  • Chilli $3.5M
  • Eggplant $11.7M
  • Cucumbers $1.9M
  • Mango $18.6M
  • Mango processed $10
  • Other & processed $14.23M

The Whitsunday region produces a wide range of fruits including mangoes, lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, mandarins, pineapples, bananas and passionfruit.

The region also produces macadamia nuts, with an estimated 1,275 trees in the region. It is estimated that 85 establishments across more than 670 hectares of land in the region hold 128,407 orchard fruit trees and nut trees and is valued at approximately $7.8 million (gross) per annum.

In addition to these products, the region contributes an estimated $278 million to the state economy through its production of crops including sugar cane, coffee, cereal, pasture and other crops cut for hay.